School Halloween Dance!!!

Join us on Thursday, October 30th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

for Grant Road School's Halloween Dance.

Students are to be accompanied by an adult
Cost: $5.00 per family.  Please have exact change.
There will be a canteen and door prizes!

Thoughexchange Process

We want to hear from you!

Regina Public Schools would like to know how we can best meet your family’s needs when it comes to high school education. We are striving to provide an equitable and exceptional educational and extra-curricular experience for all high school students, regardless of where they live in Regina.

We are asking students in elementary school grades 6 to 8 and high school grades 9 to 12 and parents or guardians to share their thoughts so we at Regina Public Schools can create a better high school experience.

We encourage you to participate. Please click on this link for more details and to participate.

Terry Fox Fundraiser

Help Us Raise Money for Terry Fox!!!

Grant Road School is using this week to raise money to help support the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.  As a school, our goal is to raise $500 or more.  Mr. Chernoff has been gracious enough to allow himself to be the target of humliation if our school goal is reached.  Today, students had a chance to pick from three different activities that Mr. Chernoff will put himself through in support of this great cause.  The highest number of votes wins.  

1.  Shave his legs
2.  Get duct taped to the gymnasium wall
3.  Become a human sundae

Help us by sending any spare change with your child to school throughout the week and we will add it to the collection jar at the office.  Stayed tuned to see if we reach our goal!

First Day of School

The first day of school is on Tuesday, September 2nd.  

If your child is registered at the school, they can meet at the following locations to get their classroom placement for the year.  Teachers will meet you there to call out their class lists and to escort students to the appropriate classroom.  If you are new to the school and are unaware of the locations mentioned below, you can simply report to the office and you can find assistance there.  

  • DC:  Go to the classroom
  • Kindergarten: Go to the classroom
  • Grades 1-3: Assemble in the gymnasium
  • Grades 4-6: Assemble at the south entrance on the playground
  • Grades 7-8: Assemble at the senior doors on the playground


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another school year.  The staff at Grant Road has spent the last week preparing the final details for the arrival of students on Tuesday, September 2.  Just a reminder about the school day hours:


  • 8:37 am - Morning Recess with teacher supervision (15 min)
  • 8:53 am - School officially begins for the day
  • 10:30 am - Recess (15 min)
  • 11:45 pm - Lunch Hour
  • 12:30 pm - Lunch recess with teacher supervision  (15 min)
  • 12:45 pm - School resumes for the afternoon
  • 2:15 pm - Recess (15 min)
  • 3:37 pm - School ends for the day


Attached you can find the Elementary School Day 1-5 Calendar for Regina Public Schools.   


Grant Road Elementary School opened in 1959 and has served the South part of Regina since then. The school will celebrated its 50th anniversary in the 2009-2010 school year. The Mike Badham Park located just east of the school offers a large open park area for the students, staff and community to use daily.

Full Time Pre-Kindergarten and Full time Kindergarten

Grant Road School offers a full time Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten program and has thirteen classrooms in operation for grades one to eight. The school also has a full-time Developmental Centre where eight students attend. Grant Road School offers the array of supports and programs available in all Regina Public Schools: Learning Resource, Speech and Language, Early Observation and Planning, School Counselor Services, Psychologist Support, and Lunchroom Supervision.

General Information

Grant Road School has a full-time principal and administrative assistant. The school also has a Student Advisory Council (SAC). The Grant Road School Community Council was elected in October, 2008. Please use the link GRSCC for more information on our School Community Council.


Grant Road School has partnerships with the Southland Mall Safeway and Regina Housing Authority. Groups of students visit Safeway each month on Seniors' Day to help with greeting customers, bagging groceries and tidying shelves. As well, classes take turns providing art work, which is displayed on the windows of Safeway's main entrance.

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