Track Meet Note


The forecast for Thursday, our Gr. 5-8 school track meet day, is indicating that it will be above 30°C with high humidity.  We are going to go ahead as planned but would like for you to prepare your child with the proper supplies for the day.  It is mandatory that all students have the following:

Water bottle(s) labeled with their name
Sunscreen (min. 30 SPF) already applied as well as more for throughout the day
A hat or ball cap (can be removed only when participating in events, if necessary)
Healthy snacks for the day (to be kept in backpack with water bottle)

Students can also bring any other items to help keep them cool and hydrated throughout the day.  In addition, students will be encouraged to sit in the shade when not competing and have breaks throughout the day to cool off.  As a staff, if we feel that the temperature is too extreme for student safety, we will end the track meet early and finish on another day.