Cross Country Running

The Cross Country Run season has begun! 8:30 a.m. morning practices (6 in total) will begin the week of Tuesday, Sept. 8th. We will practice at 8:30 a.m. on the following mornings and will meet in the “BOWL”.


Practices:       Wednesday, 9th               Friday, 11th           Tuesday, 15th                                         



Practices:       Tuesday, 22nd         Thursday, 24th    Tuesday, 29th              



You can help us by ensuring that on the days that we run, your child has a pair of runners for outside, and either shorts or jogging pants depending on the weather. Please avoid jeans as they are difficult to run in.  Please send a water bottle and a nutritious snack to be eaten after the practice. J


The Cross Country Meet location will be at the new Leibel Field at the Douglas Park Track Schools have been broken up into TWO separate meets and each group will only participate in ONE of the meets. Our meet date is Wed. Sept. 16th.


The top 25 racers from each age category of the previous two meets will participate in a second meet on Wed. Sept. 30th. Schools will be notified with the names of the students who qualify to participate in this meet.  We will let you know if your child happens to qualify.


Bussing will be provided by GRANT ROAD SCHOOL for the FIRST race date, Sept. 16th.


We will let you know the starting times and further information about where we will meet prior to the race.


We are so excited to be coaching your child this race season and look forward to enjoying some fun and fitness together! We also look forward to seeing you at the meet on RACE DAY! 



J Ms. Selimos, Mrs. Pankewich, Miss Dundas  J


(Your coaches)

Cross Country Running Parent Letter 2015 Gr. 3 to 879.81 KB