Muffins for Learning Program

The families of Grant Road School, together with our partner school (Massey), provide muffins for school children who would otherwise go hungry during their busy school morning. During the school year we bake and deliver roughly 24 dozen muffins to our receiving school every Monday.

Our receiving school is a community school in a neighbourhood with a higher than average proportion of low income families. The staff at the receiving school would like to provide each child, in at least K-3, with a muffin as part of their nutritional program.

The goal is to have each baker supply two dozen muffins every six weeks, but the exact scheduling depends on the number of bakers available. We also have ‘super-bakers' that bake six dozen muffins once or twice during the school year. Usually the kids bring the muffins to the office by 9:00 am on Monday morning for the driver to pick up.

Drivers pickup muffins from both Grant Road and Massey schools, then deliver the muffins to our receiving school; it takes approximately 1 hour to complete this task. Drivers usually drive for 1 month (so, depending on the number of teaching days in the month, this usually involves 4 trips).

In the past, extended family members have signed up to be bakers and/or drivers. We welcome any and all family and community members to be part of this program.

If you are interested in helping out with this program, please contact Grant Road School.