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Grant Road School/Canadian Foodgrains Bank Recycle Project

Help Mrs. Ewert-Molesky's Grade 3 class at Grant Road School with their 25 Acts of Conservation.


Bring your unwanted appliances, lawnmowers, barbecues or anything scrap metal to Grant Road School on Saturday, May 2nd, betweem 10-4 for recycling.

All proceeds from the scrap metal recycling will go towards emergency food and supplies for people in other countries suffering from war and drought.

They will also be accepting leaf and yard waste during their event. Leaf and yard wast can be dropped off ($10 per truckload).

A project of MCC and Canadian Foodgrains Bank.



Deck the Shelves 2014

Help us to Deck the Shelves at Grant Road School 



Deck the Shelves is an optional, alternative to gifts for teachers and staff  members at Christmas.  

Families make a donation, and then the school librarian will purchase a new book on their behalf.

Those who participate will be the first borrower of the book. A book plate will be placed in the book in recognition of the student/family donation. The new book will be available in the school library for circulation. 

Thank you for your consideration to support Deck the Shelves!


GRSCC September Minutes and Learning Improvement Plan

The minutes from the September meeting of the GRSCC have been posted, along with the Learning Improvement Plan for Grant Road School. The next meeting is on Wednesday, October 9, at 7:00 pm at Grant Road School. This October meeting will combine our Annual General Meeting with a regular meeting. We invite everyone who is interested in the GRSCC, including parents, other family members and community members to attend the meeting. Various positions will be open for elections at the meeting.

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Welcome Back To the 2013-2014 School

Grade 7 Students

Don't Pannic

There was a glitch in the way I entered your outcomes for the report card.

We have an updated report for you when you come in the fall.

Thanks to the parents who noticed the error

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